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About Us

We are a therapy practice dedicated to the mental and relational health of Black women! 

Therapy for Black Moms is a teletherapy practice in New Jersey dedicated to supporting the mental and relational health of Black mothers from pregnancy to empty nest and everything in between. Black mothers have long been the backbone of the Black community however their mental health concerns are often not considered or taken seriously. Finding culturally competent providers that they are able to connect and be authentic with can also be a barrier to Black moms getting the support that they deserve. Additionally in New Jersey, maternal health outcomes for birthing Black women are startling. 


Currently, New Jersey is ranked 47th in the nation for maternal deaths and has one of the widest racial disparities for both maternal and infant mortality. A Black mother in New Jersey is seven times more likely than a white mother to die from maternity-related complications, and a Black baby is over three times more likely than a white baby to die before their first birthday. These statistics do not even begin to highlight the mental toll that these and other factors have on Black moms and their families. Some of these include managing the anxiety and stress that comes with being Black and pregnant, navigating medical providers and racism in health care, recovering from birthing especially when there was a traumatic birthing experience, coping with stress that comes from having to constantly advocate for themselves while not being taken seriously, managing their careers and racial trauma in the workplace, and navigating their relationships that may include a partner, more children, or aging parents.

Therefore, Therapy for Black Moms exists to provide culturally affirming therapeutic services to support and empower the unique experiences of Black moms as they work through many chronic stressors, defining and redefining themselves as mothers, partners, and individuals, and a wide variety of other mental health concerns. Over and above that, we also seek out and partner with organizations and donors to support Black mothers in gaining access to therapy services when finances may be a barrier. Funds that are raised or donated help Black moms in a variety of ways including allowing us to offer free sessions to get them started, gap funding for sessions as needed to continue therapy, and also allows us to provide other therapeutic resources like books, journals, etc. for free to Black moms to support and encourage them on their journey of healing, renewal, and transformation.

If you prioritize yourself, you are going to save yourself.” – Gabrielle Union

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