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Help us help Black Moms!

The funds from the Therapy For Black Moms Therapy Fund will be used to support Black mothers in gaining access to high quality, culturally affirming therapy services when finances are a barrier to starting or continuing therapy. The more funds that are raised, the more moms will be seen and supported in a variety of ways including free sessions to get them started, gap funding for sessions when needed to continue therapy, and other therapeutic resources like books, journals, etc to support them on their journey of healing, renewal, and transformation. 


We are committed to supporting and empowering Black moms as individuals, mothers, and partners as they navigate parenthood, career, and relationships. We also support Black moms as they work through and heal from racial trauma, traumatic birthing experiences, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other mental and relational health concerns. We firmly believe that all Black moms deserve access to culturally affirming therapy services that take in to consideration their unique needs, challenges, and experiences as Black women. 


Support a mom in gaining access to therapy!

Here are some ways you can donate:

Via Check

Send a check payable to:

Therapy For Black Moms

PO Box 429, Vauxhall, NJ 07088


Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 908-376-6671

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